There’s A Story Behind This

I spend a lot of time driving around Los Angeles. As a result I see a lot of really mundane things, some pretty interesting things, and once in a while some real WTF things.

This morning was an instance of the latter. I was headed into the office building where I work and saw something on the sidewalk that caught my eye and I thought, “There’s a story behind this.” A bit later I was headed out to my car and it was still there. Then, on my way back in, it was still there so I thought I might as well take a pic and blog it. So here it is…


Relax, Rick Santorum Will Never Be President

Calm down people. I understand that (for some completely unknown reason) the media makes the Iowa caucus seem like kind of a big deal. But let’s please put this in perspective. Iowa, like most of the mid-west, is a state that nobody cares about. When was the last time you heard someone say, “I think we should really consider his idea. I mean, he IS from Iowa”?

Plus, he only received 30,000 votes. There’s 0ver three hundred million people in this country (1.4 billion if you include illegals from Mexico). I’m no mathlete but I’m pretty sure that’s like 1/100 of one percent of the population. 30,000 is like the number of people who saw the movie New Year’s Eve and nobody’s worried about that film being elected president (let alone winning any Oscars). All this Santorum hubbub is totally media created. After he tanks in the New Hampshire primary today you won’t have to hear about him again.

But the real reason why Mr. Santorum will never be elected is because of Google’s search engine and the ability for it to be manipulated. Have you ever Googled the guy’s name? Do it. Do it now and just see what you get. You’ll probably see two or three entries about news topics because we’re in the middle of Republican nominations during an election year. But about the third or fourth result you’ll find will be the Dan Savage orchestrated Google bomb. A simple definition of “Santorum”. Funny, disgusting, and a key reason why anybody looking up more information about this candidate will forever associate his name with…let’s just say “the back door”.

Santa Photo: 2011

We had a fun morning at the Grove today: donuts, picture with Santa, and the Muppets movie. Here’s this year’s photo with Santa Claus.


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